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Why Zenterview?

Interviews are hard. You've spent time looking for questions, practiced and spoken with friends. But you're still not sure what to expect. It is stressful - let us help.

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Our coach will call or Skype with you to conduct your mock interview, which usually lasts 45-60 minutes. If you find the session valuable, you are given the option to pay for it.

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How it Works

Why do I need coaching?

Interviews are stressful. We have been there. Direct and actionable feedback from an experienced coach will identify any blind spots you may have - we all have them!

How much does it cost?

We do a FREE mock session for some categories. After the session you have the opportunity to pay if you find the session useful. Pricing varies depending on the coach you are paired with.

How is session conducted?

Over the phone, Skype or hangouts. Our coach will provide info on interview process you can expect at your desired company, give you insight into their experience and conduct a mock interview. Mock interviews typically last 30-45 minutes. Followed by detailed feedback.

What is covered in mock interview?

Your coach will ask series of questions tailored towards your job and experience level - with the goal of evaluating you at same level as real interview. You will receive detailed feedback on potential red flags and areas of improvement.

Who are your coaches?

We have a number of coaches on staff - from some highly desirable companies including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Glassdoor, Salesforce, LinkedIn Apple and many more. All of our coaches have hired for positions at these companies.

Which coach will I speak with?

We find most suitable coach based on your experience, role and availability. We can usually match you with a coach at your target company. Our network is constantly growing, so if you don’t see your target company here, don’t hesitate to reach out - we may have someone!

Meet Some of Our Coaches & Experts


Product Manager

12+ years of experience in product, ads and search. Founder of Zenterview.



12+ years of experience in engineering, marketplaces, startups. Founder of Zenterview.


Product Manager

12+ years of experience in consumer focused Search, Discovery and engineering.


Software Architect

15+ years of experience in engineering, startups, mobile and large scale systems.


Data Scientist

10+ years of experience in data science, machine learning and engineering leadership.



20+ years of finance experience at top tech companies and startups.

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What people are saying

"Nick gave me a tremendous amount of help and I can't thank him enough. I had no idea how I was going to be evaluated going into the session, knowing that makes it a lot easier to prepare"

Dan, San Francisco

"Faran is pretty well verse. I liked him being frank about the feedback and provided mentorship on how I can improve. I will be sure to practice his suggestions."

Wang, Los Angeles

"Faran was very helpful especially in the his feedback to me after the session. He was very detailed and thoughtful. He reviewed every single question he asked me and told me what my answer was and what went well and what didn't. I was impressed that he remembered all that and was able to take notes during the session. Even his general advice and feedback were extremely helpful and made perfect sense."

Mandy, San Francisco

"Salman was so helpful in helping me prep for my tech interview. While I have a product management background - tech is an area I've been weak in. I wouldn't have landed the job had it not been for the help understanding how to focus and structure my answers"

Kalum, Seattle

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