Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Our mock interviews are usually free! You’ll speak with a coach who will provide some background on the process, give you some insight into their experience and then dive into the process of giving you a mock interview. They’ll ask a series of questions tailored towards your job and experience level - with the goal of evaluating you the same way your potential interviewers would. After the session you have the opportunity to pay assuming you found the session useful. Pricing varies depending on the coach you are paired with.

Which coach will I speak with?

We have a number of coaches on staff - from some highly desirable companies, including: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Glassdoor, Salesforce and Apple. Our network is also constantly growing, so if you don’t see your target company here, don’t hesitate to reach out - we may have someone!

Coaches are matched based on your availability as well as experience and role. All of our coaches are either current or previous hiring managers and we can usually match you with a coach at your target company.

How are the sessions conducted?

Sessions are conducted over the phone. After speaking with an interview coordinator the coach will call you at the agreed upon time and conduct the session. Mock interviews typically last 30-45 minutes.

What is the coaching process? Make it clear to me exactly what is going to happen

There are 3 steps in the coaching process:

  • The coach will introduce themselves, explain how the session will be conducted and set a bit of groundwork for how the interview will progress. You'll be reminded to move to a quiet area, and ideally have something to write notes with.

  • The coach will conduct a 30-45 minute (depending on the role and company) mock interview. This session is designed to mimic what you'll experience the day you go in for your interview. As such please try to treat it like the real thing! Throughout the session, the coach will take notes, capture your feedback and ultimately formulate a hire or no hire decision.

  • After the mock interview, the coach will provide some high level feedback and ask you if you'd like to pay to get the detailed feedback (including hire decision + feedback on how to improve your answers). If you decide to pay (pricing varies), the coach will spend another 30-45 minutes walking through your feedback, talking through your answers and helping you address your pain points. Additionally, the coach will provide insights around what key things you should focus on to maximize your chances of landing the role.
  • Is there any sort of guarantee I’ll get the job?

    The truth of the matter is that many of the top tier companies our candidates are interviewing at are incredibly selective. We've seen a significantly higher placement rate (up to 3x higher) among candidates who have received coaching vs. the industry average. While we can't provide a guarantee you'll get the job, we do provide a satisfaction guarantee: if you're not happy with your coach or the experience, we'll give you another session or do a full refund.

    What happens if I don’t get the job? Do I get a refund of some kind?

    Because these companies are so selective, and there are so many factors involved in the decision process, we can't guarantee you'll get the job. You have the opportunity to provide feedback on your session immediately afterwards. If it wasn't up to your expectations we'll definitely make things right!

    How much do I need to prepare before the coaching session? Do I need to prep for the prep?

    Candidates with any level of prep can benefit. The real value here comes from the insight around how to prepare for the specific role and company, as well as how to best structure your answers and thinking. We've seen candidates come to us the night before for last minute prep and we were able to help them restructure their answers. Similarly, some candidates approached us 2 weeks before they even started prepping because they wanted to know what to focus on. In either situation, speaking to a real person who has the job you're trying to land, in the company you're interviewing at, is by far the most efficient way to improve your interview skills.

    I’m worried you’ll tell me things I already know

    Our coach will evaluate you from the real interview perspective and will identify any potential red flags. A single red flag can result in refusal and our coaches are good at reading those. Our coach will identify any blind spots you may have - we all have them. We promise you'll learn something. If you don't - there is no obligation to pay, simply take the free practice session and kick some butt on the interview!

    I'm a bit nervous / intimidated by some of the coaches. Could I speak to a few people to find the coach that matches my personality?

    All of our coaches have worked with hundreds of candidates. Most importantly, they are empathetic, patient and ultimately want you to land your job! We pair you with the most qualified coach based on your role, the company you're interviewing for, and your experience. As such, we generally have a handful of coaches who we believe are the best match. If after speaking to one you feel you'd rather have another we're happy to do our best to accommodate, but rest assured the person on the phone - though incredibly qualified - will also make sure you have a great experience!

    How do I become a coach?

    You can apply to be a coach, we will review oyur application and get back to you.